About EnCourage Institute

The EnCourage Institute Mission is to provide expert instruction to all students, helping them grow into successful life-long learners.

girl with book smilingWe provide a model of academic intervention that is most closely aligned with Educational Therapy and is specific to each student’s unique learning strengths and needs.  We design instructional interventions based on diagnostic assessments, and use strategic interventions that are the best research-based practices available.  We are not bound by a franchised program, but are free to use whatever instruction will really match the learner.

Additionally, we are a resource center for parents, teachers, and administrators.  We provide short-term and long-term consultation, teacher development opportunities, and private assessment and tutoring services.

Our methods are…

  • Personalized – We develop and provide learning services for students, parents, teachers and administrators that are based on what the client knows, values, and needs.
  • Collaborative – we build relationships between teachers, parents, students, and other stakeholders that strengthen the students’ learning opportunities.
  • Comprehensive – We work with all aspects of the learner:  social, emotional, artistic, cognitive, affective, and strategic to encourage learning in academic and out-of-school contexts.

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