Parent Support

Parent Consultation (with Dr. Rozendal, Director)

  • Review of existing student records (parents/guardians need to provide)
  • Discussion of student’s strengths and concerns
  • Determination of Assessment and/or Intervention services needed
  • Hourly rates are same for in person or phone consultations

School Meetings/Student Advocacy

  • Attendance at school meetings where student is the focus of discussion (i.e., IEP meetings, due process hearings) as the student and parent advocate.
  • May require a Diagnostic Evaluation at the Institute to establish an independent understanding about the student.

Home School Support

  • Consultation services specifically for parents who are home schooling.
  • May address questions about students’ learning, instructional approaches or recommendations, or specific problems encountered by home school parents and students

Travel (to any outside location: schools, client home, etc.)

  • The mileage chart is in our Program Policies (based on the IRS Standard mileage rate)