Specialized Educational Interventions

We offer one-on-one interventions to address learning and processing while developing reading, writing, mathematics or other academic skills.  Interventions can also address study skills, organization and executive functions.  Each student’s interventions are individually and strategically designed based on EnCourage’s diagnostic evaluation and/or a neuropsychological evaluation (completed prior to intervention).

All of EnCourage’s Intervention Specialists are certified teachers, and many either have or are working on a Master’s degree.  We also have teachers on our staff who have more than 30 years of classroom teaching experience.  Learn more about our staff.

Since our interventions are individualized for each student, we  use a variety of research-based interventions that match the students’ strengths and address specific needs.  Reading interventions may include Orton Gillingham programs such as the Wilson Reading System or other similar programs, RAVE-O (Retrieval, Automaticity, Vocabulary, Engagement with Language, Orthography), Benchmark Word Identification Program, and the PCI Reading Program.  We utilize a Strategy Instruction approach for Comprehension and Composition, using approaches such as Reciprocal Teaching, QAR, Questioning the Author, Writing Scaffolds and Templates with specific strategy instruction.  We address developmental reading and writing skills through Phonological Awareness programs and incorporate a variety of remediation strategies for any sensory or processing needs identified.

Mathematics interventions are also targeted specifically to student’s diagnosed needs, building on the Key Math Essential Resources and utilizing the Lesh Translational Model of Mathematical Understanding (Lesh et al., 2003).  This model takes a multisensory and multi-modal approach to teaching mathematics concepts and skills similar to the learning concepts behind an Orton Gillingham approach for reading.