Diagnostic Evaluations

Diagnostic evaluations are available to parents and schools, and provide information about a student’s learning in general, or answer specific questions about a student’s abilities and skills.  The diagnostic evaluation includes assessments of the student’s aptitude, achievement, and learning strengths and needs.

Diagnostic Evaluations occur in 3 phases:

1. Consultation with parents and/or teachers about strengths and concerns.

  • Review of existing student records (parents/guardians need to provide)
  • Discussion of student’s strengths and concerns
  • Determination of assessments for the evaluation

2. Assessment sessions

  • 3 hours generally needed, conducted over 2-3 meetings
  • Includes both formal (standardized) assessments and informal assessments to evaluate the student’s knowledge, abilities, and skills.

3. Analysis of findings and development of Instructional Plan

  • Diagnostic Report provided to parents includes assessment results, interpretations, and specific instructional recommendations.  Report is appropriate for use in schools or other student services settings.
  • If student continues working with an EnCourage Institute tutor, or with the Literacy Clinic, the Instructional Plan structures both what is taught and how it will be taught to maximize learning.

Gesell Developmental Evaluation

Dr. Rozendal is certified by the Gesell Institute to administer, evaluate and make schooling recommendations using the Gesell Developmental Observation assessment.

Every child develops according to their own schedule that may or may not match their chronological age.  Certain school and learning tasks are learned best at certain developmental stages.  The Gesell Developmental Observation evaluates a child’s cognitive, language, social, and motor development.


  • For children ages 3-8
  • Evaluation takes 45-60 minutes and can usually be conducted in one meeting
  • Formal Evaluation Report is provided to parents for an additional fee (parent consultation about findings is included).
  • Gesell evaluation may be included in full Diagnostic Evaluation (see above) at no additional charge