SAT and ACT Preparation

  • SAT and ACT scores impact college admission and scholarship opportunities.
  • Improving scores by just a few points may mean the difference between getting a scholarship or not.
  • Taking practice tests and developing test-taking strategies will improve scores (US News and World Report).
  • reports 57% of students who retook the ACT in 2013 improved their composite (overall) score at least 1 point.
  • The SAT and ACT Preparation offerings at EnCourage are taught by experienced teachers working with students individually or in small groups to maximize the benefits.

Private SAT or ACT preparation:

  • One-on-one preparation with an EnCourage teacher
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Cost is $66/hour

SAT or ACT Preparation class:

  • Offered at the EnCourage Northeast Clinic
  • Offered periodically, based on interest (minimum of 3 students)


Contact EnCourage to register.